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Mon May 15 18:11:43 CEST 2000

Cameron Laird <claird at> wrote:

CL: Python's more portable than Java.  You didn't ask, but you should
CL: know that.  Java's improving, and someday will probably dominate here.
CL: A few years ago, we thought surely it'd happen by now.  It hasn't, yet.

A frustrating problem that I ran into regarding Java... My favorite
development computer is a Linux with Visual Age for Java installed. Another
guy using a Windows computer had been using NetBeans, but the company picked
up a new copy of Visual Studio, and he began using J++, which was creating
Windows specific code in some cases. J++ has since been dumped, and the
department is now in agreement regarding Java, but it was a little bit of a
hassle at the time. And in fact, I don't think anyone has banged out any
Java code in weeks. :)

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