Stackless/microthreads merge news

William Tanksley wtanksle at
Tue May 9 21:30:47 EDT 2000

On 9 May 2000 22:15:32 GMT, Edward Jason Riedy wrote:
>And Jeff Senn writes:

> - Several times I have considered what it would be like to have a
> - 'simple-unified-VM' that supported continuations (if not full
> - continuations -- then at least micro-threading) and could run Python,
> - Java Script, Ruby, ... [Visual] Basic?, Perl??, ... Java????...

>Like a Virtual Virtual Machine? See .

Interesting.  I was thinking of OTA, the spec used in Europe for smart
cards and terminals.  It's built for decent speed and tiny size on very
low-resource systems.

>And yet other people might eschew virtual machines for intermediate
>representations that can be compiled quickly while keeping the
>information necessary for advanced optimizations (see the slim binary
>work at and the
>pubs under publications.html).

I've always liked this, but there's essentially no documentation, and the
only source code is a MESS.  Someone's written a parser for these in C++;
hopefully they'll write some documentation as well.

ANDF is a more standardised version of this (it's also a lot less


-William "Billy" Tanksley

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