SQL SELECT question...

Dmitry Rozmanov dima at xenon.spb.ru
Sat May 20 00:23:58 CEST 2000

I think your problem is that in SQL string literals are like 'string'
not "string", and 'str%' instead "str*" for LIKE. At least I had such a
problem at first. 

So try: 
	"SELECT sf FROM st WHERE sf='ss'"
	"SELECT sf FROM st WHERE sf='%s'" % "ss"

Hope this helps.


Rob Elder wrote:
> Hello, guys
>    I'm struggling with using SQL with Python. One question please. How
> should I structure the following operation using odbc:
> cursor.execute('SELECT someField FROM someTable WHERE someField="someString"')
> This does not work for me. How is this supposed to be structured?
> TIA.
> -r

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