Python sighting in the wild: Red Hat's Anaconda GUI installer

Warren Postma embed at
Tue May 30 15:42:14 EDT 2000

I noticed while installing Red Hat Linux version 6.2 that their entire
installation system is written in Python. Way to go Red Hat.  I guess the
Snakes thing should have tipped me off.

Technically, installer programs are "embedded systems".  It's a demanding
place to put any technology, and it speaks volumes for Python that Anaconda
doesn't just work, it works well.  I'm convinced that Linux + Python is
going to be a real killer in the embedded systems world. Now if only I could
get Linux+Python+TinyX all on one 1.44 mb floppy.  (Anyone seen the QNX
technology demo 1.44 mb floppy?)

Warren Postma

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