Attempt to export non-public symbol

Gordon Williams g_will at
Tue May 16 08:33:06 EDT 2000

Sounds like you need a .def file to change the name from _initoptprice to
initoptrice.  It should contain something like

	initoptprice = _initoptprice

I dont know what compiler you are using.  I wrote a HOWTO for creating
extensions using the free Borland compiler where you might find more
information at .


Gordon Williams

nicshane at wrote in article <8fpp73$4da$1 at>...
> I am currently trying to enable my c code to be called from python. I
> have written a simple module which worked fine but am now trying to
> incorporate a much larger module following the same procedures and am
> not having any success. One difference which I guess is the problem is
> a warning message I get when linking :
> Warning : Attempt to export a non-public symbol '_initoptprice'
> This is the only difference between the working and non-working
> versions. As it is on the init function it is more than likely the
> problem ??
> Any ideas how to eradicate this ??
> Regards,
> Shane.
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