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Tue Sep 12 02:14:11 CEST 2000

Sergo wrote in comp.lang.python:
>     I recently became interested in learning Python and just ordered
> "Learning Python", "Python Pocket Reference" - O'Reilly, and "Python
> Essential Reference" - New Riders.
>     Now I've learned that with Python 2.0 release, a lot of changes are
> going to be made to the language. So I'm wandering, should I return
> those books and wait for something more up to date and just stick to
> online tutorials and references, or are they still relevant to the 2.0
> release?

There are some new features, but not "a lot". Python 2 is still perfectly
usable after learning it from those books, and then you can just lookup
the new features. Unicode, augmented assignment, list comprehensions - 
they're nice extras, but not essential for learning the language.

> I also read that with the future 3.0 release, its going to
> change so much that it will basicaly be a new language (true or not?).

Nobody knows. It's a mythical future project, like "the cool things we could
do if we didn't care about backwards portability". It will be made sometime,
but the new language will probably be very much like Python, and it's a few
years away, at least...

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