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>>wxPython is a wrapper around a wrapper around the native Windows toolkit
>>and offers a lot of good widgets and a sensible API. It's portable, but
>>might be a bit difficult to install (at least, I am perpetually having
>>problems installing it on Linux). Because it uses native Windows widgets,
>>you are assured of a good, native look and feel. That might not be the
>>case with tkInter. I don't know about the Python 2.0 support.

> Perhaps I'm confused, but it appears to support GTK and Motif as well.
> It was easy to install using the Debian distribution.

Well, I was trying to think from a Window point of view - not a Linux
one. I'm not really into Windows, but I had to work with it for a few
months, and I was really impressed by Pythonwin, so I when PyQt for
Windows came out, I returned to the platform to play a bit.


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