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Curtis Jensen  <cjensen at> wrote:
>In vi the "%" command will jump to the closing or openeing (,{,[, etc. 
>This is helpful to find the end of blocks (if blocks, function blocks,
>etc).  Has anyone figured out and equivalent commend for vi/vim to jump
>to the end/beginning of a block?  Thanks. (which I added
yesterday :-) might be a good place to start. It only works in Vim 6.0
as it needs the search function, and it doesn't do quite what you want:
it is intended to jump to the next/previous line with the same
indentation as the line you're on, so if you're on an "if" you can jump
to the "else" or to the end of the "if" if it has lines following it.

There's also the set of Vim scripts for Python which someone has already
mentioned. I think what you want requires a script rather than a clever
mapping as you need to see where the indentation changes.

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