Zope is Evil is back.

Moshe Zadka m at moshez.org
Sat Aug 4 20:03:01 CEST 2001

On Sat, 4 Aug 2001 09:41:27 -0500, Skip Montanaro <skip at pobox.com> wrote:

>     Paul> I'm trying to migrate to ZPT and completely stop using DTML.
> For those of us who don't follow Zope closely, what's ZPT?

Zope Page Template, a wonderful wonderful technology allowing designers
and developers to stop ripping files apart by keeping the programmability
in attributes, allowing one to have a file which renders well in Netscape
and editable with DreamWeaver while allowing the developer to embed calls
to database to populate the rows. 

If I sound like a religious fanatic, it's because that I am. For anyone
in the web development business, ZPT is a god-send.
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