IRC Client : Where to begin

Andrei Kulakov sill at
Thu Aug 23 07:07:12 CEST 2001

On Wed, 22 Aug 2001 17:16:49 -0400, Relfx <relfx at> wrote:
> Dear Python Community,
>                                          I would like for someone to help me
> a little with my irc client project. People have told me a few times that I
> should try studying up on using sockets, asynchat and asynchronous module. I
> have done some looking into all of these. The one thing that bothers me is
> where should I begin? I have tried reaching other irc client owners but that
> proved to be a loss. this is why I would really appreciate it if someone
> would be nice enough to help understand what all is need for the connection
> to the various irc servers and the implementation of the irc commands.


Start by

1. Get irc RFC at
2. Read it.
3. Understand it.
4. See example of a small irc bot -
5. Make a bot yourself, implementing all irc commands you want.
6. Learn Tkinter - read tkinter tutorial chapter, other online
tutorials and if you still don't understand it, buy a book on it (e.g.
programming python by mark lutz has a chapter on that).
7. Write the client using Tkinter and plain sockets.


7. if you don't like Tkinter looks (I personally don't), get wxPython and
read tutorial(s) on it, look at demos', examples, etc. It's more complex
thank tkinter, but looks better.

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