python and SOAP??

Brian Lloyd brian.lloyd at
Fri Dec 14 21:45:58 CET 2001

> I saw at, that there are at least 2 SOAP implementations
> for python supporting both client and server development.
> one is in version 0.97 from Cayce Ullman and Brian Matthews. 
> and the other is a implementation from pytonware.
> does anybody have experience with these modules???
> the latest stable version of the pythonware module is 18 months old.
> is this project dead????
> the seems to be under active development.
> can anybody recommend me which one to choose???
> or what the differences are??

If you're interested, I've been plodding along on a comprehensive 
SOAP / Web Services package:

(Note that the python package is not Zope-specific in any way).

It's probably not quite ready for real-world use yet, but I thought 
I'd mention it in an effort to solicit feedback from Python folks 
interested in web services.

You should also look at ZSI (Zolera SOAP Infrastructure) at:

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