PySpy 0.5 and probs with ActiveState distribution 2.1.1

spex66 spex66 at
Tue Dec 11 04:55:26 EST 2001

Datum:2001-08-17 10:15:14 PST
T> PySpy does run-time visualization and analysis of Python software.
T> See for more.
T> Warning in advance - currently this only runs on Windows.
T> I'll watch this thread for comments and feedback (thanks in advance).
T> Tom

I think it's an interesting approach, but I have problems when using
ActivePython 2.1.1

Starting PySpy in a console and only make an 'import os'... I am in help>
mode and cannot even leave it with 'quit' , ^Z or else...

strange behaviour, does anybody dig into this further?

I try to recompile the package but have no time (and understanding) to set
up the 'pythoncore' workspace in MS VCV6...

any tips or solutions?


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