Preserving program structure

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Dec 17 19:26:03 EST 2001

Michael Chermside wrote:
> > A problem that just about everything except SciTE (Scintilla)
> > has is that it may color code the program, but it only prints in
> > black and white (if it will print at all).
> Check out my favorite, CodeWright (windows only) found at

CodeWright's a nice editor, but they really need to add support
to make it an Active Script Host, so we could write our scripts
in Python instead of the existing options (VB, Perl, or via
DLLs only!).  Given that it's a Windows-only product, the lack
of support for this interface is pathetic.  Unfortunately, their
marketing group doesn't think enough people are requesting this
feature (yet) for it to be worth their time to add it.

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
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