Call for a small program - willing to give a bonus

John Hunter jdhunter at
Sun Dec 30 13:21:45 EST 2001

>>>>> "Tom" == Tom Karas <Tom.Karas at> writes:
    Tom> Later the program should also be able to play sound. I heard,
    Tom> this could be difficult with python !?

I do not think this is true.  The built-in python library supports
wave, aif and raw audio formats, among others.  Other audio formats
such as mp3 are available via extension modules.  So you'll have no
problem here, I suspect.

Guido van Rossum, the inventor of python, worked in the multimedia biz
in his life prior to python and I think worked with audio codecs, so
it is not surprising that python has multimedia serves built in.

John Hunter

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