REPOST: Re: The Python community needs a lighter heart to it.

Tim Hammerquist tim at
Thu Dec 27 09:47:14 CET 2001

Andrew Nguyen <pythonnet at> graced us by uttering:
> The python community is a bunch of people who can't take a joke.
> (Or at least make one:))

The hell you say!

> Also, usenet SUXXOR (sucks) because itttt issss
> soooo cunfuseeeng...

u r 2 l337 4 m3. (but at least you translated for us lamerz)

The mailing list would be an obvious choice for someone who can't
wrap his head 'round a newsgroup.  Honestly, complaining about usenet
with a mailing list available is like complaining about Linux
with AOL available. (hint, hint)

> Why not switch to an EZBoard? Why have maling lists that are too
> confusing?

You sure this isn't an EZBoard advert?  Besides, how many maling
lists are you a part of? Are you maled frequently?

(couldn't resist)

> I for one say that we create a NEW forum!

All in favor? ... Motion declined. Next order of business?

> I bet you, that if we put a link on the python homepage with a link
> to an EZBoard, python would be Much more popular. The most exciting
> topic I have seen to date is 'Fun with Classess in Python 2.2'.

Whoa, hold it right there! I _totally_ forgot that this was all some
kind of popularity contest. We should throw a Pythonista dance!

    [ Meanwhile, at the 1st Annual EZBoard  ]
    [ Dance, trouble is brewing...          ]
    "Nice class you got there."
    "Thanks. Hacked it up last week."
    "Mind if I inherit from it sometime?"
    "Um, sure."
    . . .
    "Did you hear the DJ play 'YMCA'?"
    "Yeah, right after 'Lady in Red'."
    "This isn't as cool as the EZBoard (TM) post said it would be."
    "No it isn't. All the women went to the usenet party."


Your boredom is not cause per se to change the society at large.

Tim Hammerquist
In fond remembrance of (and good riddance to) Jeff K.

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