Python 2.0 or Activestate Python?

Tim Hammerquist tim at
Tue Feb 27 23:07:07 CET 2001

Brian Quinlan <brian at> wrote:
> The license doesn't seem that restrictive to me, but you can peruse it
> yourself here:

That's "restrictive" as opposed to totally "open."

I looked over the document.  I suppose, if I were distributing a script
or application that required Perl or Python to clients (as I've been
known to do), that I would not be able to distribute ActiveState's
software along with it?  I'd have to tell them to go to ActiveState's
site, right?  (Where Activestate can try to sell them a whole lot of
commercial software.)  Personally, and I do _not_ speak for everyone,
I'd like to be able to place the software on the medium so that the
clients, who often don't want or know how to install it, can get with
their business instead of going to the site and worry about what they
need.  ("Was it ActivePython?  or was it Komodo?  And what's this PDK?
Is that for Python?")

I guess I was unclear in what I was saying.  Is that a little clearer?

-Tim Hammerquist <timmy at>

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