Tkinter: How to remove stacking order of a widget in grid manager

Bernie bernie at
Tue Feb 6 16:48:29 EST 2001


I have an application which requires reordering the widgets during
runtime.  I am using the grid manager and found two functions
and grid_forget().  I thought grid_remove() should does the job, it
neither do grid_forget().

How can that be done?

Thanks in advance!

Below is the code fragment:

    # remove widget from Grid Display manager
    for w in widget_list

    # re-ordering the widget
    widget_list.sort( mySort)                # mySort() is not listed

    # display widgets in new orders
    col = range(5)
    row = 0
    for w in widget_list:
        for i in col:
            w.grid( column = i, row = row)
        row = row + 1

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