Python Users Group Australia

Ben Catanzariti fakeaddress at
Wed Feb 7 05:21:31 CET 2001

Actually the Users Group conference is on Saturday 10 March, 2001

This is from the website ...

 Saturday, 10 March, 2001
 10 am-3 pm
VTR Consulting is please to announce that our first IT event in the new year
will be the User Groups Open Day. The event will take place at VTR's new
premises, Roseneath Place, between 10 am and 3 pm on 10 February 2001.
Roseneath Place is located in South Melbourne, off Market Street, between
Clarendon and Cecil Streets. For further information, concerning our
location, please click on the link
The idea behind the organisation of the Open Day is for VTR to facilitate a
meeting between IT professionals and the numerous user groups that together
represent a wide range of IT skills. Groups that will be represented on the
day include: Visual Basic (AVBUG), Delphi (ADUG), Java (AJUG), System
Administrators (SAGE-AU), Linux (LUV), Technical Writers (ASTC), Cold Fusion
(CFUG), etc...The Open Day will represent an excellent opportunity to to
talk to members  about their group activities and the benefits of membership
(a 10% membership discount, in any of the user groups, will be offered on
the day!) in an informal setting.

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