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Wed Feb 21 15:27:03 CET 2001

>>>>> Mark Hammond <MarkH at> (MH) writes:

MH> jurgen.defurne at wrote:
>> I don't know if this piece of source is small enough, but it is probably
>> the smallest I can create with the same symptoms

MH> Hrm. Not really I am afraid. I dont see any leaks running this code.
MH> You should be able to trim it down to something with a tight loop (ie,
MH> very quick or no sleeping) and see the memory usage rise pretty
MH> quickly.

MH> Also, note that your code:
MH>     (None, None, None,
MH>      None, None, sec,
MH>      None, None, None) = localtime(time())

MH> Is very very dangerous - it is changing the builtin value None!!

Wouldn't this be a good reason to make None a constant rather than a
built-in identifier?
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