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Will Ware wware at
Mon Feb 19 10:16:18 EST 2001

akhar (akhar at wrote:
> How would I go about doing my own GUI? By that I mean what library do I use
> pyQT, pyGTK, pyWxWindows or tkinter? and By custom I mean changing where the
> open and close buttons are (appearance), how windows open and shut
> (location), have clipboards ... I am prepared to program but don<t know
> where to start .
> regards
> stephane

If you're willing to use GTK then you might want to look into a
GUI-designer-thing called Glade. It allows you to plunk down GUI
objects (windows, buttons, canvases, sliders, etc) and it saves
the layout as an XML file (if you aren't familiar with XML, think
of it as a generalization of HTML). There have been several efforts
to write translators that convert this XML file into Python code
suitable for use with PyGTK:

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