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Wed Feb 21 00:11:18 CET 2001

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> May I say that unless there is an extremely strong reason for doing
> than presentation like work on the client that you do use
> (or PSP or PHP anything else).
> In general, the rule of thumb that puts data and business logic on central
> servers and presentation on web servers or client is a good one. And
> breaking that rule in the first stages of design does not sound good.

I'm not meaning to break it, in fact, i am trying to use what i have to
extend it as much as i can.  I can use MySQL or Postgres for some stuff, but
i have to produce results in MS Access tables or i'll get in trouble. thus
making access look like a db server would be beneficial.  I have argued for
a change for 2 years to no avail.

> If you want the look and feel of a intelligent client rather than bare web
> pages however, perhaps the following solutions might make sense:
> -pickle python dictionary objects that represent the results table, squirt
> as data through http, unpickle at the client end.
> -Alternatively use apache to create results tables that it delviers as
> text (XML?)

The biggest problem, and it may not really be a big one, is that some
commands take a long time to run.  It is a test scoring program, and
generating the statistics can take a while (obviously i'll write this stuff
in something that isn't as slow as python).  Thus I need the server to
return buffered data so that the client can update progress settings.
assuming apache/mod_python/mod_otherstuff can do this then it shouldn't be
too tough.

> Then create a client that does what you want, (staying with Python) using
> PyQT and QTdesigner (almost as easy as VB), or JPython and Swing (if you
> know this - I have not yet found a neat way of WYSIWYG'ing Swing and still
> being able to use jPython with it - any ideas anyone?
> However may I suggest that you concentrate on the functionality that your
> users desire first, and put it into plain boring web pages using
> apache/mod_python / PHP/JSP. That way you

> a) avoid the big management headaches of maintaining uptodate versions on
> all clients (I am asuming this is a inhouse business problem)
> b) Avoid big investment in gui design before functionality is all fixed
> c) can change functionality faster
> d) surface product quicker

This project is in essence rewriting a VB program from a while back.  There
are certain necessary additions/problems with the original that make it
easier to start over.  I do have the luxury of not needing to produce
incremental versions, and especially not needing to install on more than 1
computer until it is working.  Also, i have found that if I make VB
interfaces that are dynamic and configure themselves with registry/text file
settings it makes updates easier as only major overhalls need

Thanks for all of the suggestions.


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