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On Sun, 15 Jul 2001, Thomas Wouters wrote:

>On Sun, Jul 15, 2001 at 10:20:38AM -0400, kj0 wrote:
>> Where can I find a reasonably non-partisan but also reasonably
>> detailed comparison of the more popular OO languages (C++, Java,
>> Python, etc.).  (All the comparisons I've found are clearly slanted to
>> demonstrate the superiority of the authors' favorite OO language--I'm
>> sure it would be easy to find one written by unapologetic Python
>> advocates :-)  )

Before doing aby comparisons, you must specify your criteria.
Or you will engage in positional flame-war.

>> I'm not looking to find out which of these languages is "better"; I
>> don't care for ranking here.
>The problem is that there isn't one "better", just "better in the eyes of
>the author", and that is oddly enough also the reason why you, as you state
>in the first paragraph, are unable to find one that isn't biased :)
>> What I want to know is how the various
>> popular OO languages compare in terms of OO and general programming
>> features (e.g. multiple inheritance; classes-as-objects; garbage
>> collection; closures; scoping; contracts; debugging; etc.).
>I seriously think your best bet is to start learning each language. You
>can't compare apples and oranges unless you ate them both, and you need to
>learn that, for instance, you *peel* the orange first, and you avoid the
>middle part of the apple, and you avoid the seeds of both these fruits (but
>they are considered the best parts of other fruits.) It'll take the most
>time, but it'll be the most satisfying answer, as programming language
>preferences are pretty personal.

8-) never heard such a vivid explanation of personal computer
language preferences!

>I think Python should be the strawberry. It's nice and small, easy to
>digest, no need to bite chunks out of it, almost all of it is edible, and
>whatever warts it has are plainly visible from the outside :)

But unlike strawberries, you can eat, eat and eat it ;-)

>I-had-strawberries-for-breakfast-ly y'rs,

"-".join("""Thanks for reminding that I have fresh strawberries in my
freezer ly y'rs""".split())

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