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Peter Hansen peter at
Sat Jul 14 05:57:51 CEST 2001

Kemp Randy-W18971 wrote:
> I went to and counted the number of books in these categories
>   Python - 136 (including snake books)
>   Java     - 1621
>   Perl     -  430
>   C++    -  1341
>   PHP   -   38
>   ASP   -   172
>   Oracle -  682

A little more useful are the following numbers:

Python - 33 (not including snake books)
Java - 1041 (not including volcanic rocks or coffee)
Perl - 257 (not including readable languages)
C++ - 1265 (not including reliable languages)
PHP - 34 (not including the other four books you found)
ASP - 80 (not including snake books either)
Oracle - 356 (not including ancient Greece books)

Amazon, being booksellers, know a little about cataloguing books.
Just append the word "computer" after any of the above.  It
may not be 100% accurate yet, but it's more accurate than
using just the language names alone...

The only real outlier there might be Oracle.  If that
really is books about "the" Oracle from Oracle, that
is at least one language where the difficulty of learning
or applying it must be contributing to the volume of
available books.

(Note, roughly 33% of the Python books are not readily
available (or even published yet) and only slightly fewer
of the PHP books don't exist yet either.)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at

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