Unusual minidom behaviour: Part Deux

Peter Hansen peter at engcorp.com
Sun Jul 29 01:14:01 EDT 2001

Victor Bazarov wrote:
> "Aahz Maruch" <aahz at panix.com> wrote...
> > You've got a complex problem here, probably resulting from a multi-way
> > interaction between Python, Java, and the OS.  You're going to get little
> > help from us unless you can pare down the problem.
> If I could pare it down, I would have probably found the cause by
> now.  The problem is that I don't have time to look.  The system
> that Python is running is a fairly complex one.  The Java app that
> runs the Python interpreter is also complex.  Call it a hunch, call
> it an educated guess, but I have a feeling that as soon as I start
> paring the problem by removing some [irrelevant] parts of the app
> and the Python code, the problem will go into hiding...

In another post you wrote:
> At this point I frankly care only about one thing: to prevent it
> from happening.

Is that a temporary solution?  You don't have time to find the cause,
but you feel confident that if you removed some irrelevant part of 
the app the problem will go into hiding, and you care only about
one thing: preventing it from happening.  Problem solved. :-)

(I'm sure the real solution is to find the time to narrow down
the list of possible causes, because it seems very unlikely this
group will be able to solve your problem without more legwork 
on your part.  I know that doesn't sound helpful: sorry.)

Peter Hansen, P.Eng.
peter at engcorp.com

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