A few things :)

Tom Good Tom_Good1 at excite.com
Wed Jul 25 15:38:05 EDT 2001

Lee Nutter <leenutter at australia.edu> wrote in message news:<mailman.996068624.2375.python-list at python.org>...
> Hello,
> Im a beginner, and although (i think) I know the base language all 
> right, I haven't really made anything. Can anyone recommend anything for 
> a first project?
> Also, I was just wondering, Why do you use python? To me its a hobby. 
> Why do some of you use it over other languages? I love the language, 
> don't get me wrong, I was just curious :)
> Thanks,

The number one reason I use Python is because I have much higher
productivity in Python compared to most other languages (including
languages I have been using for much longer than I have used Python). 
There are many other reasons why I like the language, but that is why
I use it so much.


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