Language change and code breaks

Grant Edwards grante at
Sat Jul 21 14:19:42 EDT 2001

On 21 Jul 2001 17:50:03 GMT, Tim Randolph <timothyrandolph at> wrote:

>Do you really ever want "fOo" and "FOO" and "foo" in the same program?
>(Notice the typo in my original? fOo --> foo.

Yes, I often use Foo and foo or FOO and foo.  I rarely use Foo
and FOO -- I've got no personal "rule" against it, it just
doesn't seem to happen.

>I wasn't trying to lump the foo=Foo() case with the "fOo", "FOO", "foo"
>case.  The latter is used as the pat example on what a case insenstive
>Python would look like, which is not the way I see it.  I really have not
>seen any one suggesting that they use more than a leading character
>difference in case intentionally.

In the past, I've used foo and FOO, but recently generally use
foo and Foo.

>My apologies for any offense.  None was intended.

None taken -- I just didn't want people to think that though we
may be a minority, we don't exist.  There may be good reasons
for changing to a case insensitive language, but there isn't a
complete lack of people who currently use it.

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