Build problem with unicode and 2.1

Tim Peters at
Thu Jun 14 01:33:28 EDT 2001

[David P Grote]
> I am trying to build python 2.1 on a 64-bit machine (Cray-T3E) and
> have  run into a problem with unicode. The Py_UNICODE type is required
> to be a 16-bit long, unsigned int. But, on the T3E, there are no types
> that are less than 4 bytes long.

Not even char?

In any case, I'm afraid you're out of luck for now (this is a known

Patches to it and Cray-T3E config sufficient to fix it gratefully accepted.

> ...
> Will the code work OK if I just comment out the line in the unicode
> init routine which checks the length of the Py_UNICODE type and run
> with a 4-byte long Py_UNICODE?

No; see the bug report; if the code didn't care, it wouldn't go out of its
way to complain.

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