best language for 3D manipulation over web ?

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Thu Jun 7 09:12:35 EDT 2001

Boyd Roberts <boyd at> wrote:
>the problem with windows is that the original model was totally
>flawed and it has inhereted that right down the line.  NT is
>a ghastly mess.  it's security is laughably complex, therefore

    Window's ACL system is being integrated into Linux systems. 
It has several advantages over the traditional unix system since the
it has a finer granularity. 

>someone should teach those kids at redmond how to do virtual
>memory and someone should teach dave cutler that VMS sucked.

    Mr. Cutler can be forgiven his VMS leanings since he designed
a large portion of it.  Plus, I think VMS systems have amazing
longest uptimes and advanced features.  There really isn't much 
in the unix world that can give the same features as the VMS 
clustering and parallel sysplex.  As for uptimes, I've heard of a
VMS system with something like a 19 year uptime.

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