trying using Python to remotely control another Python App

Harry George hgg9140 at
Mon Jun 25 20:39:19 CEST 2001

This probably isn't a pure python question.  If I understand
correctly, you need the app to be visible to (and controllable by)
both the user (at the remote machine) and the maintainer (at a central
site).  This can be done with VNC:

ed_tsang at writes:

> Hi, I am windering if anyone know or tried using Python to remotely 
> display and/or control another Python App?
> how to do that?
> Current situation:
> I am a Python App which has a GUI interface to user that displayand 
> allow user to control the next action to be performed. But whenever 
> this app need support, the supporting people need to go to the client 
> office and do it there? 
> It will be nice if we can view what is displayed on the client screen 
> and control the app remotely. Do we need to add this funcitonality to 
> transmitt the state of the whole App?
> The app is running on Sun solaris, and we do not have sys admin 
> control on their side.
> Any ideas?

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