trying using Python to remotely control another Python App

ed_tsang at ed_tsang at
Mon Jun 25 12:25:06 EDT 2001

Hi, I am windering if anyone know or tried using Python to remotely 
display and/or control another Python App?
how to do that?

Current situation:

I am a Python App which has a GUI interface to user that displayand 
allow user to control the next action to be performed. But whenever 
this app need support, the supporting people need to go to the client 
office and do it there? 

It will be nice if we can view what is displayed on the client screen 
and control the app remotely. Do we need to add this funcitonality to 
transmitt the state of the whole App?

The app is running on Sun solaris, and we do not have sys admin 
control on their side.

Any ideas?

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