How do you develop in Python?

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Fri Jun 8 16:22:04 EDT 2001

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> Gerrit Muller wrote:
> > but I think that a more "cold" runscript
> > command in IDLE, which imports/reloads anything again (and maybe clears
> > rest of the environment as well) would make IDLE even more accessible
> > this type of programmers.
> Also the MacPython IDE, PythonWin, etc. I've been asking for this for a
> while, but I think it's harder than it sounds for two reasons:
> 1) I don't think the Python Interpreter has any kind of "clear all"
> facilities.
Worst case it might end up in automating what the initial poster did
manually, stop and restart the interpreter :-(.

> 2) All three of these IDEs (and others, I'm sure) use the same
> interpreter to run the IDE as the program you are working on. If you
> were to "clear all" you'de wipe out the IDE as well. I'd lke to see an
> IDE that used a separate copy of the interpreter, but it would make
> writting a debugger (and other introspective tools) a lot harder.
I understand the problem from implementers point of view. However from CP4E
point of view I don't "want" to understand, I simply would like to have this
"reset/clear" button. Hunting for the CP4E vision requires thinking from
"naive" programmer point of view. Some brilliant idea appears to be
necessary to satisfy this need, without making the IDE's too complex.

Thinking out loudly: For many naive users the automated stop/restart might
be fully acceptable, while it might also be simple to implement. Although,
how much unexpected state needs to be persistent, like open files and
windows; when would this same naive user start hating to see windows
disappear and reappear? May-be it is already too complex ).

> -Chris

Regards Gerrit

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