How do you develop in Python?

Louis M. Pecora pecora at
Mon Jun 11 08:11:23 EDT 2001

In article <9frc6v$b20$1 at>, Gerrit Muller
<gmuller at> wrote:

> I understand the problem from implementers point of view. However from CP4E
> point of view I don't "want" to understand, I simply would like to have this
> "reset/clear" button. Hunting for the CP4E vision requires thinking from
> "naive" programmer point of view. Some brilliant idea appears to be
> necessary to satisfy this need, without making the IDE's too complex.
> Thinking out loudly: For many naive users the automated stop/restart might
> be fully acceptable, while it might also be simple to implement. Although,
> how much unexpected state needs to be persistent, like open files and
> windows; when would this same naive user start hating to see windows
> disappear and reappear? May-be it is already too complex ).
> Regards Gerrit

I won't pretend to understand all this internal stuff, but with my
familiarity with C/C++ IDEs, they handle the dependencies throught the
header files.  Why can't we have a switch that will reload
automatically in the IDE according to dependencies which could be
traced through the import statements?  Is this too naive?

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