How do you develop in Python?

Just van Rossum just at
Tue Jun 5 17:03:19 EDT 2001

Lou Pecora wrote:
> I program in Python occassionally and would like to do more of it.  But
> here's a development conundrum I run into a lot (there are more complex
> examples, but I'll give an easy one).  I am developing module
> which imports in the IDE.  I am running test code which is also in
> as I incrementally develop  Then I need to change and,
> of course, the import does not import the new changes since import only
> works once.  Hence,  to "refresh" I have to quit the IDE and
> restart, open and run.  This is clumsy.  However, the above
> scenario is not uncommon and more complex interdependencies of modules
> appear to make it unavoidable.  Anyone know a way to get around this
> "import" problem?   I know there is a "reload", but then I have to
> import and change my modules' code to "reload" or something each time I
> work with them.  Any help appreciated.
> I use Python on a Macintosh.  Nice IDE, otherwise.

It's simple: if you modify, _run_ to refresh it (*). will see
the changes. It's hardly ever neccesary to quit the MacPython IDE.

*) In other words: if has already been imported, running it it will
execute it in B's old namespace, effectively refreshing it for everybody
to see.


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