Is this a true statement?

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On Sat, 23 Jun 2001 14:38:24 -0400 (EDT), Steven D. Majewski <sdm7g at Virginia.EDU> wrote:

>> > Writing TO a device driver is easy enough... the previous poster
>> > was talking about writing the DRIVER in Python.  No OS I'm aware
>> > of takes device drivers in any languages other than assembler, C,
>> > and/or C++.
>> He's making a very finicky, nitpicking, and frankly silly point [...] 
>I don't think the point was entirely silly!
>It was a valid and interesting point (despite being finicky and

Yes, it's trivially and obviously valid: a driver is a bit
pattern, and you can write a bit pattern to a file with Python.

If you show an example of how this is a useful and productive
way to generate a device driver, _then_ it will be interesting.
Until then, it's just somebody chattering to hear themselves

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