best language for 3D manipulation over web ?

Thomas Hansen thomas.hansenNOSPAMORILLSUEYOURASS at
Wed Jun 6 10:22:06 EDT 2001

> > PS!
> > It's an ActiveX object,
> Ergo it won't work in my browser, nor in any other browser except IE.

Who cares if they're making games since EVERYBODY that play games on
something else then a Sony, GameBoy (or similar) sits in front of a PC...

> > wraps around DirectX to make scripting 3D games
> > possible.
> Ergo it won't work on any plattforms except Windows.

Same as above, except exchange PC with WIN32 system...

> We are talking about Java here, not C++ and the main advantage of Java is
> plattform indepency. Why destroying that if it's not necessary?
> There's Java3D available for quite some time now. It's a plattform
> Java plug-in that makes use of OpenGL for displaying 3D animations with
> hardware support. It's support for nearly all propagated PC plattforms
> can also support OpenGL (in case of Windows, there are even two versions:
> version running on top of OpenGL and one running on top of Direct3D; I'd
> the OpenGL version, because if you have a GeForce or Rendeon graphics
> you'll have a lot better performance thanks to hardware T&L).

DirectX have had hardware acc. T&L since version 6 or seven I think...

> > I've seen it with a "need for speed" kind of game and it really works
(on a
> > PII 300mHz, ATI RAGE PRO 8MB)
> I've seen that too and it even works without hardware acceleration.

It was very nice, and I was actually very impressed, but it's not even in
the same league as the WTGD...

> But with Java3D you'll also have texture filtering and real shading.
> Plattform support:
> Solaris (Sparc), Windows (x86), Linux (x86), HP-UX, AIX, SGI Irix
> --

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