Is this a true statement?

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Mon Jun 25 02:37:30 CEST 2001

On 23 Jun 2001 18:42:20 GMT, David LeBlanc <whisper at oz.nospamnet> wrote:

>The reason why you can't write a device driver in pure Python
>is simple: a device driver requires the ability to read to and
>write from specific pre-determined locations in the processor's
>memory and/or I/O space.

So you write a few trivial extension modules in C to handle
direct access of physical memory and I/O.  That shouldn't take
more than an hour or two.

The real work is getting a Python byte-code interpreter running
in kernel-mode.

>It would be possible, if best performance where not required, to extend 
>Python with C or ASM (and possibly C++, but not without some dificulty: 
>passing "this"pointers gets in the way when crossing memory management  
>and/or procsss thresholds. 

The same problems happen when passing C pointers around.

>Of course, with enough glue and the right scaffold, one could glue up 
>enough toothpicks to reach the moon.

I don't think it would be quite that hard.  :)

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