What's the best way to implement a real-world SOAP server?

Jim Severino egroups at sevtech.com
Tue Jun 19 06:14:20 CEST 2001

Hello everyone

I see that Actzero's SOAP.py provides a SOAPServer class that
implements a request handler which handles object and function
registration as well as the network side of things through the
imported BaseHTTPServer class. This works for development and testing,
but what about real-world implementations, where a SOAP server may be
expected to handle hundreds of requests per second? Doesn't the
BaseHTTPServer only execute one request at a time?

I would like to know what people think would be a suitable SOAP server
(that works with Python modules, of course) for a "real-world"
environment. The ideal server would implement simultaneous processing
of multiple requests, database connection pooling.... all of the
things that a good webserver setup implements.

I was looking at mod_python + Apache, but I don't see how one can go
about using SOAPServer with them, since SOAPServer provides its own
HTTP server.

I may be missing something obvious. Please tell me if I am.



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