PEP 260: simplify xrange()

Chris Lawrence quango at
Fri Jun 29 10:42:44 CEST 2001

In article <3B3AA617.8A9B56B7 at>, "Grant Griffin"
<not.this at> wrote:

> BTW, can PyChecker do Python-version enforcement?  Specifically, I think
> it would be great if we had a gizmo at least to enforce 1.5.2 (besides
> 1.5.2 itself <wink>).
> Even cooler would be if Python had some sort of feature for this.  (I'd
> write a PEP for that, but I fear that it might lead to a new version
> <wink>.)  But I guess for reasons of efficiency something like this
> should be an "offline" tool anyway rather than pollute the innards of
> Python.

You can try this code at the beginning of your program:

import sys
  if sys.hexversion < 0x10502f0: # 1.5.2 final
    print 'Get a new version of Python!'
except AttributeError:
  print 'Get a new version of Python!'

Dunno when sys.hexversion showed up, hence the try clause.

With more recent versions, you could also play with sys.version_info.


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