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David Efflandt see-sig at from.invalid
Sat Jun 16 15:27:41 CEST 2001

On 15 Jun 2001 17:59:36 GMT, Holland King <insanc at> wrote:
> sorry for the cross-posting but i am not real sure what is causing the
> problem. 
> i have a python program using the tkinter module to create a gui. my
> local system is running woody debian with kde. i am running the program
> on a soloris box. on both my system and the solaris system i am using the
> same version of ssh, python, and tkinter lib. the problem is when i try 
> to export the display from the solaris box to my local machine all i get
> is the frame and half the boxes and buttons. when i run it locally i get
> the correct display and when i try to export the display on other machines
> i get the correct display. i think it has something to do with ssh, but i
> have tried everything i can think of. can anyone think of what might be
> causing the display on my machine to be unusable?
> ssh -V == 2.5.2p1 
> python -v == 1.5
> tkinter -v == 1.127
> thank you.

Are you running X under ssh-agent (I have "ssh-agent startx" as an alias 
to startx), then ssh-add from an xterm?  That should automatically set up 
your DISPLAY variable on the other end to tunnel everything back through 
ssh.  Not quite sure how to do that from GUI login (runlevel 5).

If not tunnelling through ssh, maybe there is a port permission problem 
on either end or you may need to use xhost to allow it.  I don't really 
know anything about python or tkinter, but do other X programs run 
remotely automatically display locally (xterm, netscape, etc.)?

David Efflandt  (Reply-To is valid)

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