qt or gtk?

Nils O. Selåsdal noselasd at frisurf.no
Wed Jun 20 08:52:26 EDT 2001

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> On Sat, Jun 16, 2001 at 05:52:12AM +0000, Rainy wrote:
> |
> | I want to learn python gui programming in linux. I think tk looks
too ugly, so
> | I narrowed down the choice to two main contenders, qt and gtk.
Which of these
> | has more complete and up-to-date python bindings? Are there other
> | to prefer one of these over another for python gui work?
> Personally I like GTK better.  I don't like the way Qt tries to look
> like MS Windows.  Glade+libglade make a great combination for rapid
Use the Motif look'n'feel, or the SGI look'n'feel...

> coding.  Use glade (a gui) to build the static parts of the
> then load them at runtime with libglade.  You simply write the event
> handlers and connect them to the events in your code.  You can
> completely change the look of the UI without changing any code as
> as the names of widgets and their type match (ie you don't change
> a tree to a list).
QT designer also does this.

> wxWindows and wxPython look nice, though I haven't worked with them
> enough to know if I like the style of the interface.
It looks like MFC to mee, and MFC is NOT nice...

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