Python version of IQ has been updates (IQ v0.34.python)

Kirk Strauser kirk at
Sun Jun 17 03:31:25 CEST 2001

At 2001-06-16T22:02:55Z, "Timothy Rue" <threeseas at> writes:

> There was a recent article on slash dot about Python becomming GPL
> compatiable. It's open source and has a rich pattern matching module
> amoung many other note worthy things about it.


Have you ever looked into Perl?  We use it almost exclusively for
integrating large distributed systems, and its regular expression system is
second-to-none in my experience.  Python's a good language (from what I hear
- I keep meaning to look into it), but Perl has a lot going for it also.  It
isn't GPL (it's distributed under the Artistic License), but even RMS agrees
that it is Free in every sense of the word.
Kirk Strauser

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