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On 16-Jun-01 20:31:25 Kirk Strauser <kirk at> wrote:
>At 2001-06-16T22:02:55Z, "Timothy Rue" <threeseas at> writes:

>> There was a recent article on slash dot about Python becomming GPL
>> compatiable. It's open source and has a rich pattern matching module
>> amoung many other note worthy things about it.


>Have you ever looked into Perl?  We use it almost exclusively for
>integrating large distributed systems, and its regular expression system is
>second-to-none in my experience.  Python's a good language (from what I hear
>- I keep meaning to look into it), but Perl has a lot going for it also.  It
>isn't GPL (it's distributed under the Artistic License), but even RMS agrees
>that it is Free in every sense of the word.
>Kirk Strauser


No I haven't looked into Perl. The RE pattern matching functions in Python
are more than enough, more than I expected. Hey I can use white spaces in
patterns now!!!.

I forget what caused me to finally look into Python, maybe that third guy
who was in the original MS team so many years ago and something he more
recently said about python and the GPL or open source. But there were
other things that in sum finally got me to look into Python.

Alex Martelli said a few things regarding the RE pattern matching between
Python and Perl and some other comparisons.

Is Perl syntax as easy to read as python, for the beginner?
Can perl be compiled into byte code for faster startup or put into a stand
alone application? Or is Perl strickly an interpreted language?

Ultimately things like compiled into bytecode or compiled into a exe are
all a matter of translators, as is an interpreter or compiler or some
translation stage in this process of ultimate conversion into machine
understamndable language.

So I guess the question is whether or not such translators are available
to perl?

Of course you can port IQ to Perl if you want, but in any case (perl,
python, rebol, arexx) it'd be nice to incorporate into IQ, the ability to
access files thru the internet in a way that is as simple as accessing a
file on the system you are using IQ on.

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