Python equivalent of CPAN Library modules

Wartan Hachaturow wart at
Mon Jun 18 20:53:23 EDT 2001

davehurt at (David Hurt) wrote in message news:<oFRV6.2073$PA4.763051146 at>...
> One such source may be the perl CPAN repository.  The CPAN has a collection of 
> very high quality libraries for a variety of applications.  If these libraries 
> could be converted to equivalent python, then the libraries could be used for 
> python programs :)

I do think that there is no need to translate module names, but there
is a certain need for such an archive at all, i.e. with the same
access methods, search & testing abilities, quick access to the
documentation etc.
That would also be a good demonstration of Python as a Web scripting
language ;)

Regards, Wartan.

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