Python equivalent of CPAN Library modules

Mon Jun 18 08:15:20 CEST 2001


I kinda find larry wall's thaught very interesting. And his complete
openness of ppl choosing lang other than perl. 

So, what I wanna ask is,
is it technically possible to use perl modules from python programs.. ?

not parrot maybe but something in between....


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davehurt at (David Hurt) writes:

> I would appreciate any feedback on the practicality/usefulness/etc. of
> effort.

I think it will be a huge effort, and it might be that the outcome is
not all that useful, e.g. you might find that the most often requested
CPAN modules have already good Python equivalents. I'm not sure what
you'd do when the Python module offers the same functionality, but
with a totally different API.

That said, if you volunteer to do the work, I'm sure many people would
be interested to see what the result is.




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