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> myself wrote:
>> thanks for your reply! well I guess I could have phrased the
>> expat-devel Q a little better- if devel is a build require, why isn't
>> it included, or offered as a separate srpm in ftp directory? Or are you
>> saying I need the "standard" expat pkgs in addition to the tummy ver?
>> (but that's confusing, as >=1.1-3tummy implies that there *is* a
>> 1.1-3tummy devel available)?? WRT line 246, surely someone here will be
>> able to shed some light for both our benefits- I haven't seen many
>> problems go unsolved in this ng (hint-hint). Actually I don't expect a
>> necessarily specific answer, just a clue where to look would suffice
>> (hopefully).
> It depends on how the tummy-expat spec file was built. Some packagers
> just throw everything in together, binaries, libraries, documents and
> header files into a package called <Foo>. Others split up a build into a
> <Foo>.rpm, <Foo>-docs.rpm, <Foo>-devel.rpm and maybe even a
> <Foo>-lib.rpm As well as removing the buildprereq: expat-devel, you can
> also mung it by changing it to expat only (I.E. get rid of the -devel
> bit.).
ok, but Sean didn't seem to indicate this was the source of the error,
but perhaps I misunderstood. I installed expat as per instructions on
tummy site- I probably don't "need" it at all at this point- first I need
a *basic* understanding of the language :-). Just out of curiosity,
doesn't the -devel part install the header files necessary to build the
actual expat support?

>> OTOH, this gives me an opportunity to actually post here- this really
>> is an _excellent_ group!
> If you want a prebuilt rpm for Mandrake 7.2, I could always email you my
> build, but I understand if you want to build it from source.
thanks for the offer. But if you don't mind, since you've sucessfully
built for LM7.2, perhaps you could give me a few pointers on how? I
really don't care if I use srpm or source- my prob. w/ srpm is detailed
to best of my ability in this thread, failure w/ source in a later
thread. Since Sean already pointed out that my prob. w/ srpm seems to be
a Mandrake thing, unless you have further advice on this, would you mind
checking out later post (source compile) and perhaps helping there? For
all I know I don't even really have a problem, maybe this is the way the
install is supposed to act, but so far no response on that topic.....

BTW, did you update or do you have 1.5.2 and 2.1 coexisting? I'm trying
to do latter, being fearful 2.1 will break something if I replace 1.5.2.

thanks a heap!

> Lotsa pythonieering,

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