tummy compile Mandrake 7.2

Joal Heagney s713221 at student.gu.edu.au
Sun Jun 10 20:48:14 EDT 2001

myself wrote:

> thanks for your reply! well I guess I could have phrased the expat-devel
> Q a little better- if devel is a build require, why isn't it included, or
> offered as a separate srpm in ftp directory? Or are you saying I need the
> "standard" expat pkgs in addition to the tummy ver? (but that's
> confusing, as >=1.1-3tummy implies that there *is* a 1.1-3tummy devel
> available)?? WRT line 246, surely someone here will be able to shed some
> light for both our benefits- I haven't seen many problems go unsolved in
> this ng (hint-hint). Actually I don't expect a necessarily specific
> answer, just a clue where to look would suffice (hopefully).

It depends on how the tummy-expat spec file was built. Some packagers
just throw everything in together, binaries, libraries, documents and
header files into a package called <Foo>. Others split up a build into a
<Foo>.rpm, <Foo>-docs.rpm, <Foo>-devel.rpm and maybe even a
<Foo>-lib.rpm As well as removing the buildprereq: expat-devel, you can
also mung it by changing it to expat only (I.E. get rid of the -devel

> OTOH, this gives me an opportunity to actually post here- this really is
> an _excellent_ group!

If you want a prebuilt rpm for Mandrake 7.2, I could always email you my
build, but I understand if you want to build it from source.

Lotsa pythonieering,

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