Has anyone used UML?

Harry George hgg9140 at fred.local
Tue Jun 5 00:54:49 CEST 2001

See Dia, the GNU Diagramming Tool.  I took a course on UML and used
Dia, and it did everything I needed.  Dia 0.88.1 (new release) has
just obtained python plugins (I haven't tried them yet).

see: http://www.lysator.liu.se/~alla/dia/dia.html

xyzmats at laplaza.org (Mats Wichmann) writes:

> >If you're interrested in Software then I know of the following that's not in
> >the commercial arena:
> >
> >* I read the other day that the new version of dia (0.88.1) to some degree
> >supports UML for Python specifically!  I downloaded it yesterday (from
> >Sourceforge I think) but haven't looked at it yet.
> >
> >* There are a couple of Python specific UML projects underway on sourceforge
> >but they seem to be pre-alpha.
> How about some pointers?
> ===================================================
> There's a kit floating around called ArgoUML.   It seems pretty
> functional, but as far as generating anything, it's Java-based.
> (Surprise!).  On their wishlist, though, is something like "add
> support for another language".  Hmmm...there might be an opportunity
> there for someone with lots of time on their hands...
> As far as books, "UML Distilled" is supposed to be pretty good, but
> it's not going to go into the whole modelling/development methodology
> thing, just scratch the surface.
> Mats Wichmann
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