Python and databases

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Tue Jun 5 15:22:11 CEST 2001

"Harry George" <hgg9140 at fred.local> wrote in message
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responding to my note (which he only quotes afterwards):

> >
> >
> > The problem may be finding complete implementations of
> > the current (release 2.0) DB-API spec, but that depends on


> It is only a "problem" if you need every nuance of DBI 2.0.  You can
> get a whole lot of work done using what is available in, e.g., psycopg
> (for Postgresql) and MySQl-python (for MySQL).

...or a zillion other Python almost-DBI-perhaps-2.0 implementations,
sure.  But I think that is *IS* a problem to have a standard that
is not implemented although it's been around for quite a while.  If
it has too many 'nuances', perhaps we should have a BASE level, which
everybody can easily implement and Python newbies can be taught, and
one or more advanced/optional/wizard-only levels for the hard stuff.

BTW, Gadfly used to be one example I gave of almost-DBI-2 (though
the lack of NULL hurt -- didactically first of all), but now, with
2.1, the warnings about it using regex rather than re make it not
a very good newbie-intro any more.  Has anybody looked into changing
Gadfly to use re (and maybe innocuously accept NOT NULL constraints
on columns since it IS going to want them NOT NULL anyway?-)...?


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