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Sun Mar 11 07:36:47 CET 2001

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> Hello!   I just got back from the Python Conference and glad to see
> there is a lot of motivation for the language.  I am just starting
out with
> python and was wondering how it's being used in the wireless space,
> mostly palm devices.  Has anyone ported an app to a palm pilot?
What kind
> of restrictions should I be considering when thinking about this?
> Thanks for any insight you might have!
> Louis
> louis at

Python has been around on the WindowsCE platform for quite some time,
and is really handy -

while I haven't done much serious work on it, my advice would be to
really pay attention to what data structures you're going to use.
Efficiency in terms of execution speed and size is very important,
where convenience is fine on the PC, on a 20MHz Palm you'll feel the
hit that the convenience brings.

IIRC pippy (python's palm port) doesn't support floating point ops,
and there are a few other limitations.

Happy hacking,


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