Can anyone recomend a good intoduction to C...

Werner Schiendl ws-news at
Tue Mar 6 22:27:50 CET 2001

This is exactly my opinion.

I think right now, given the instruction sets and really hard to predict
design of CPUs (parallel execution, which instruction support that, which
sequence is better...) makes it a really hard task to do hand optimization.

There, for sure, are some experts that still can. But they, I guess, do that
all the time over...

Personally I try to avoid asm whereever possible :-)


Roy Smith <roy at> wrote in message
news:roy-32CDC5.15461906032001 at
> "Werner Schiendl" <ws-news at> wrote:
> > Years ago I had a lot of discussions why use C instead of Assembler.
> > The arguments were mainly for performance.
> I wouldn't be surprised if a good optimizing C compiler can actually
> produce faster code than hand-coded assembler in many cases.

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